Forest Glen Utility

BVRT Water Resources projectsForest Glen Utility is located in Medina County, Texas and serves the Potranco Ranch Subdivision with sewer service and reclaimed water for reuse as irrigation and other outdoor uses.

This is a state of the art system that produces high quality reuse water. There is no odor from the facility making it virtually un-noticed by the community it serves. The plant goes through a three phase process to treat the water producing high quality results that meet all environmental standards for our customers.

Blue tint image of concrete pipesThe reuse water is set apart from the drinking water with proper labeling and purple pipe, making it recognizable to the general public. The reuse water is clear, clean water, (ask our CEO and he will drink it for you) that produces beautiful green grass at a low cost in areas where water use might otherwise be restricted. The Edwards Aquifer is the main source of drinking or potable water in the area, and we believe systems like Forest Glen Utility are part of the solution to preserving the Edwards sources, and other aquifer sources like the Edwards, for generations to come.

BVRT is a major shareholder in FGU, and BVRT’s general partner, Steven Greenberg, is the CEO of FGU.

Zipp Road Utility Co.

New BraunfelsZipp Road Utility Co. is an investor owned utility that provides wastewater collection services for Samuel’s Court @ 725 and Solm’s Preserve Subdivisions. ZRU’s service area encompasses 90 acres that includes 364 residential units and 4 acres of commercial development. It is situated within Guadalupe County, Texas.

Please visit us online at https://www.zipputility.com.

Windy Hill Utility

WHU provides wastewater treatment and re-use water services for the Estates of Windy Hill subdivision and surrounding developments. WHU’s service area presently encompasses 35 acres and serves 186 residential units. The wastewater treatment plant is located at 2784 FM2001, in Hays County Texas 78610, on the north west corner of HWY 2001 and Windy Hill Road. WHU will expand to provide service for several hundred additional homes as growth in the area continues.

Please visit us online at http://www.whutility.com.

Plum Creek Utility

Plum Creek Utility Co. provides wholesale wastewater treatment and Type 1 recycled water services for County Line Special Utility District (CLSUD) including the City of Uhland and unincorporated areas of Hays and Caldwell County.  We fast tracked a project to serve the new Hays County ISD Elementary School and Transportation Center that will save the district thousands of dollars each year over the life of the school.  We thank our “partners” in this effort including Hays County ISD, CLSUD, the City of Uhland, the TCEQ and KB Homes.  We also are serving Gristmill Highlands, a new 236 home subdivision in Uhland by KB homes.  As a result of this effort, sewer service and recycled water is now available to the community, providing economic benefit to all and helping the environment through the elimination of septic systems and the conservation of our most precious resource, clean drinking water.

Please visit us online at http://www.plumcreekutility.com.

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