BVRT Water Resources about us

BVRT, LP is a holding company with assets in water-related infrastructure utilities and operations headquartered in San Antonio, TX.  We are dedicated to working with regional and local water authorities, communities, developers and landowners to provide water and water resources recovery services within Central Texas. BVRT captures, reclaims, transports, stores, treats and delivers water for the Central Texas region.  BVRT provides support to deliver infrastructure for entities endeavoring to plan, design, capitalize and build new communities and expand existing ones.

Water resources include recovered water, private landowner’s rights to ground water or surface water, conservation, reclamation, capture and storage of wet-weather surplus and importation of water from nearby regions.

The Company was founded to perform any or all of the following services: development, finance, acquisition, construction, ownership and operations of water-related assets and infrastructure specifically involving private/public partnerships or private development opportunities.

The Company’s General Partner and members of the management team collectively have 200 hundred plus years of experience in the water services market and decades of experience working together.



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