Our Services

BVRT regards water as a closed loop system. Traditional differentiation between water and wastewater does not apply in today’s environment. Providing water resources means raw water, treatment, use, collection, water resource recovery (wastewater treatment), and reuse.

BVRT provides any portion or the complete cycle of water resources for private developers, investor-owned utilities, local government utilities, wholesale agencies, and to end users. Water resources are delivered through Public and Private Partnerships for Water Infrastructure and Program Development which includes:

Needs Assessment

BVRT works as a team with private developers, utilities, and local governmental entities to determine their short- and long-term local water/utility needs.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Once the needs have been determined, we develop the strategies and implementation plans to deliver the required infrastructure.

BVRT has created innovative partnership models that optimize the investment, organizational and operational structures of water resources systems to deliver water commodities and services in a safe, efficient, and reasonably priced manner, meeting the needs of all participants in the water cycle.

Identification and Validation of Water Resources

In parallel with the start of strategic development, BVRT works to identify and validate water resource availability (supply) and existing and potential routes to deliver the resource to the customer(s).

Asset Development and Acquisition

BVRT’s primary business is the ownership and operation of water and water resources recovery assets.  Where no assets exist, BVRT develops the infrastructure through planning, funding, permitting, design, construction, and operations. In some cases, real estate developers or utilities may find it in their best interests to provide some part of the infrastructure development services. In those instances, BVRT will modify its processes to meet the needs of the development partner.

In cases where water resources infrastructure exists, BVRT will work with the owner to structure a transaction that meets the needs of the owners, end users and investors. This can range from a 100% acquisition, partial acquisition, creation of a Joint Venture, or long-term operations contract. Of course, where operations are governed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), all transactions meet the rules and requirements of the PUCT.

Asset Operations and Management

BVRT’s team has unparalleled experience in the management, operation and maintenance of utility infrastructure and water systems. This experience provides BVRT with unique capabilities to safely, reliably, and cost effectively manage and operate the water resources under its purview.