Constructed Wetlands are an Amazing Resource

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Constructed Wetlands are an Amazing Resource

Constructed Wetlands are an amazing resource that we are learning to use in the waste water treatment world.

The earth has the natural ability to clean itself and this is often demonstrated in wetlands and marshes. Man is finally beginning to understand how to construct their own natural “filters” using plants and microorganisms to treat our sewage and urban runoff. The great part is its environmentally friendly, budget friendly and completely scalable.

For example housing tracts could put in individual constructed wetlands to treat effluent from septic systems per house at size that would fit in your backyard while cities could use the same process for their system within a few acres. This water can then be discharged into local streams without any of the hazardous chemicals or bacteria it would normally contain. Another benefit is the possible water recycling aspect where the end user could use the water for washing cars and watering plants.

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