Ways to Solve the Drought

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Original article referenced is published on Conscious Living TV By Doug Owen.

I found this article to be interesting and informational as it spoke to the interest of,“the every day water user“. I liked how the solutions were geared to the population of those concerned with the drought, teaching ways to reuse water in a safe and effective way.

Ways to Solve the Drought

Solving the Drought: A Flush Away?
By Doug Owen

Solving California’s drought is just a flush away

With water restrictions in place across California and a low snow pack, many believe California has run out of water. But most do not realize California has several alternative water sources, primarily from treating and reusing wastewater and stormwater. Yes, there is the yuck factor to overcome when drinking treated water that was once flushed down the toilet, for instance. But technologies are in use today that make California’s treated wastewater and stormwater runoff safer to drink than bottled water.

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