What is Happening in the World of Water

 In Texas, water resources

What is Happening in the World of Water

Currently the Texas Legislature is voting on a proposed bill HB-4123 and is currently before the Governor as of March 16, 2015 to govern the removal of water from one county to another. This would mean a limit placed on the amount of water that could be moved, or shared with another county. This is a bill that could have a great deal of impact on the rural communities in Texas, and could have a devastating effect on communities that suffer from water shortages.

Some counties in Texas have large amounts of water, and are able to share that with their neighboring counties.This law is meant to keep water in the particular community it comes from,however if passed it could make it hard on some rural communities to survive.

Water has always been a hot topic in Texas, but the good neighbor policy that Texans are proud of practicing could be stopped by laws like this one. We will be keeping a close eye on this proposed new law and how it is impacting the local communities.

Thomas Moreno